Introduction - The Lexia Pilot program is available to provide schools with the opportunity to access Lexia's research proven, computer-based Reading Skills Development System prior to a purchase decision or in anticipation of future funding. The pilot program allows administrators and teachers to observe first-hand students' experience with the engaging and effective activities and exercises and how student progress is reflected in Lexia's easy-to-use management system.

The pilot program also enables the school to work out the logistics of how, when and where to best use Lexia and to ensure the technology is available for effective implementation.

Lexia's Computer Based Reading System
builds strengths in phonemic awareness, sound-symbol correspondence, decoding, fluency, phonics, structural analysis and vocabulary - areas researchers have identified as essential to comprehension. Based on scientifically based methods of reading instruction and remediation, Lexia software provides a structured approach to mastering reading skills. Lexia is correlated with several adopted reading systems, curriculum standards (including CA ELD/ELA standards), and has been approved for purchase as supplemental curriculum. Lexia aligns with federal guidelines under NCLB and can generate reports that help teachers and administrators to monitor individual and group performance necessary for accountability.

What type of computers do we need?
Desktop or laptop computers need Windows XP, Windows 7 or Macintosh OS 10.4 or higher.  Detailed "specs" are available <http://www.lexialearning.com/files/support/LexiaReadingSystemRequirements.pdf>.

Do we need a server?
. Lexia Reading is hosted by Lexia Learning and does not require a server. Computers must have Internet access: "hard-wired" or wireless. The Lexia student software is installed on each workstation.

Do we need any other types of equipment?
Computers must have headphones.  The school is responsible for purchase of headsets.

How many computers can we put this on?
As many as you require.  The pilot can be on multiple stations, in a lab and/ or multiple classrooms.

Who does the installation?
School or district personnel with assistance from the local distributor with Lexia support as needed.

How many students can use the program?
An unlimited number of students can be enrolled in the program. It only takes a few minutes to enroll a class of students and student lists may be imported into the Lexia Database.

Is there training and how many teachers may we train?
Even though Lexia is easy to use, training is essential so that staff learn how to set up classes and monitor students. As many teachers can be trained as necessary for proper use of the program.

How long is the training?
About 2-4 hours which may be delivered as Phase 1: Introduction and Phase 2: Using Data and Resources.

Is there a cost for training?
In-service training is $750 and is a "hands-on" implementation of the program. The training fee may be waived until time of purchase. PD is often funded via technology and staff development sources.

Is there a cost for the software?
There is no cost for the use of the software during the evaluation.

What will the pilot "look like"?
Bring your students into the lab, provide a brief orientation and help students log-in to Lexia the first time.  It is recommended the students have access to the program a minimum of 3 sessions per week for 15 to 30 minutes per session.  Consistent use and regular monitoring are the keys to a successful pilot. Your Lexia consultant can monitor usage and assist as necessary especially as you start to utilize reports and monitor student progress.
How do we place students? Is there a placement program?
The Auto Placement feature of Lexia is the recommended way to place the student. Lexia promotes students automatically upon mastery of a level. The teacher may alternatively assign a level based on their knowledge of the student. Teacher Resources include the Lexia Quick Reading Test (QRT), a computer-based, teacher administered assessment that takes about 10 minutes and is available for a diagnostic examination of student skills and needs.

How long can we pilot the program?
A pilot will normally run 30 to 90 days. Longer periods will be considered upon request based on usage and commitment to funding the program.

What happens at the end of the pilot?
At the end of the pilot we review overall usage and results with administration and key staff. The account may remain active until the school is able to invest in the Lexia solution for their students.

What populations can we use Lexia with?
Lexia is a series of programs designed to be age/grade appropriate for all students in grades Pre-K - 5 and targeted populations in secondary schools.  Lexia Reading Software has been used successfully with many populations including English Language Learners, Special Needs, English only students needing extra support for reading and mainstreamed populations. Oral Instructions are in English or Spanish.

What is the expectation on the school and the teachers?
It is expected that teachers will make a concerted effort to have students use the program consistently and for adequate amounts of time to benefit from the instruction and practice activities for at least all of the activities at one or more levels. It is necessary for teachers to understand how to create classes and to understand reports. Note that teachers only need to log-in and Lexia automatically generates a Class Report. Teachers can then "drill down" to examine individual student reports. Administrators get an automatic district or school report or can run custom reports.

Do we need to complete a survey or do we get an evaluation at the end?
No survey is required but we like to review reports of student, class and school performance and to gather feedback from staff.

What is the cost if we decide to invest in Lexia reading?
A key element of the pilot is to help determine the number and type of licenses required for optimum, cost-effective use and we will tailor a proposal appropriate to your site or program.

Lexia is licensed based on the number of concurrent (simultaneous) users and is available as a Flexi License consisting of all programs or more focused Early Reading / Primary Reading or Strategies for Older Students license, based on usage, need and access to computers. The license is a one time cost. Additional licenses may be added later on the discount schedule. The DISTRICT ADVANTAGE provides for district level reporting and license management and can offer a cost savings for a multiple site purchase.

The Hosting fee includes database management on the Lexia hosted data server, support and program upgrades and may be purchased annually or for multiple years at a discount. Web managed Lexia includes at no extra cost
        A license to download and print Lexia Lessons and Skill Builder Worksheets for additional specialized instruction and practice…
        Integrated Diagnostic Testing (The QRT)…
        Online Training and Classroom Resources including webinars and training videos

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